How do I...

Find information about an individual alumna?

Enter the alumna’s first or last name in the appropriate field. If you are unsure of the spelling, you can enter the first few letters of the name and search with the "contains" or "starts with" options. For example, entering "'starts with' Anders" in the last name field will result in a list of alumnae with the last name of Anders, Andersen, Anderson, etc. To view an individual alumna's listing, click on the alumna's name in the search results.

Find alumnae who graduated in a specific year?
Use the arrows on the right of the year listings to find the class year that you are looking for. Click on a year to select it. If you'd like to search for more than one year at once you can hold down the control or shift keys while clicking on multiple class years.

Find alumnae in a specific state or country or obtain the total for a state or country?
Click on the "Advanced Search" link. You can search by city, state, or country. Type in all or part of the city, and select the state or country from the list provided. The search results will display a list of alumnae and the total records found.

Find alumnae who work in a specific industry?
Visit "Career Tools", listed under Careers, or linked on the right side of this page. One of the career tools is a Career Search that includes industry, occupation and job title, among many other pieces of information.

Update my directory listing?
You can update your directory listing by editing your information in your profile.

Can't find your friend?

First try searching under "Last Name" + Class Year. If she isn't included in the results, next try searching under "Last name as Student" + Class Year.

Search Career Information

To search based on career information, please use the Career Center search in Career Tools.