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What does it mean to connect to Barnard on Facebook?

Barnard Alumnae have been connecting on Facebook since 2004. It is a way for alumnae to reconnect with old friends, find new ones, and keep up-to-date with college happenings. By creating a Facebook profile and becoming a member of this online networking site, alumnae can connect to Barnard in two ways.

First, become a fan of Barnard Alumnae. To become a fan of Barnard Alumnae, click “Become a Fan.” You will immediately be able to see all content on the fan page, view other fans, leave comments, and view information about upcoming events.

Second, become friends with Barnard Alumnae. To become friends with Barnard Alumnae click “Request to be Friends.” Once you are confirmed you can search through Barnard Alumnae’s other friends to see who else is connected with us.

Why is Barnard part of the Columbia network?

To date, Facebook has been unwilling to allow Barnard to have its own network independent of Columbia University. There are both benefits (such as being able to connect with friends and professors from Columbia) and disadvantages (no independent Barnard network) to our current situation, and we are cautiously evaluating these variables as we consider our next steps in the matter.

How do I enter Barnard in my Education profile on Facebook?

Login to Facebook and go to the "Info" tab on your Profile. Under "Education and Work," click to edit your information. In the field for College/University, type in Barnard College. The drop-down box will indicate there are no matches found, however it will be "clickable" and searchable after you save. Complete the rest of the information (class year, major or concentration, etc.) as usual.

Type 'Barnard College' into the field provided, no other matches will be found but you can save it with the information you typed anyway.

You may notice that if you click on your college after you have saved that few or no other profiles show up. This is because Facebook is searching for members that have the same college and class year as you have entered and not all members of your class will have made the manual edit to their profile.

How do I join the Columbia network?

If you don't have a or address, you will need an forwarding email address in order to sign up for the Columbia network. View instructions for creating an email forwarding address.

After you have your email forwarding address you can register for Facebook using this address.

Once you have an account, or if you already have a Facebook account, you can join the network by going to Settings> Networks and typing “Columbia” in the search window. Then enter your alumna status, class year, and Barnard email address. You will receive a confirmation email, and once you confirm you will be a member of the network.

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